If you like sneakers, in particular Nikes, then this is for you. Jordan Geller has an amazing collection!

Melvin The Magical Mixed Media Machine...

Melvin The Magical Mixed Media Machine from HEYHEYHEY on Vimeo.


n.10 Typogrille from Raphaël Pluvinage on Vimeo.

n.6 Vélo en correspondance from Raphaël Pluvinage on Vimeo.

n.7 Cabine electrique from Raphaël Pluvinage on Vimeo.
Here a series of clever and useful pieces of design integrated into city spaces. Its nice to see the obejects in the process of being made and in use.

'Fabrique | Hacktion begin an involmement of people in their public and collectif space through installing “grafts”, complementary objects, which support an usage and practice, improve or question current urban systems and furnitures.'

Check the website here 

Design Currency...

Design Currency: Icograda Design Week In Vancouver from GDC/BC on Vimeo.

Here's a clever animation which has been printed out and ran through a money counter. This design week in Vancouver looks really interesting.

'Design has the power to influence our core values, our identity, our expectations and our worldview. Design brings clarity and enhances meaning.Design Currency 2010 offers designers, business leaders and government the opportunity to experience current design thinking. Reshape your understanding of the value of design.'

Find more out here

Francoise Nielly...

This is the artist Francoise Nielly from south of France. She creates vibrant and expressive portraits which give the pieces a really nice character. I managed to see some of her work in a gallery in Barcelona and in the flesh they look even better. The colours stand out yet blend really well and the texture are beautiful.

The videos in french but its nice to see the work in process.

Check out more work on her site here

Reciept Racer...

This an amazing project by undef and Joshua Noble, ill let the video do the talking.

Real Scenes: Bristol...

Real Scenes: Bristol from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

'The eyes of the world have turned to the UK in recent years and have found some of the most exciting, genre-defying young artists to emerge from electronic music. But while London's scene can be fractious and hard to pin down, there seems to be something in the air in Bristol that unites its participants. Whether they're creating dubstep, house, techno or something else entirely, the cross-pollination in Bristol is unique. In RA's first official entry into video, we journey to Bristol to explore how the city has flourished in recent years, discovering why this small metropolis is one of the most influential electronic music outposts in the world today.'

A really insightful short documentary on Bristol electronic music here. Its nice to see the studios behind the artists and hear from there views on the scene.

London Tube map makeover...

Designer Mark Noad has created a more geographically version of the london tube map. I've always enjoyed Harry Becks 1931 design for the map visually and for its function. This redesign is interesting in dealing with distance and scale. Noad is 'said to be planning to take the new map viral by launching a new app for smart phones 'view and download a pdf version of the map here.

Crack The Surface...

Crack The Surface - Episode I from SilentUK on Vimeo.

'The first in a series of short documentaries focusing on the culture of Urban Exploring, those who risk it all to access and infiltaite closed or forgotten spaces.'

A really nice and interesting piece of filming looking forward to future episodes.