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Polluted Minds...

Tonight I and a few others headed on down to tactile bosch to see the polluted minds exhibition by four third year illustration students in Cardiff School of Art and Design. Although tricky to find when we did go in through the plastic flaps and gate then we saw some real nice illustrations. All of the them were hand drawn/painted and with quite a lot of co-labortion as well. Not only was the exhibition good but as you can tell, the building had a lot of character and although rustic had a really nice feel to it.]
After looking around the person who ran it let us have a look around the print workshop next door with amazing screen printing machines. He told us about this new print studio called 'ThePrintHaus' in canton opening with public access to print workshops, (I really want to try this out).
All in all it was a nice time and I was really glad going along to it to find out new things.